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Walk. Drink. Eat. Repeat.

Wow! Do I ever suck at blogging lately! Life has been chaotic as per usual, but I can’t complain! Our trip to Vegas was fantastic, and much needed, but I am so excited to be home! As most of you know, I strive to make a difference in the community, and I am finally in a place that aligns with that:

  • I love love love working at the RAH foundation! From learning something new every single day, too working with the most supportive team, I can confidently say, this is it, the career I have always dreamed about.

  • My contract at the Bissell Centre was supposed to come to an end yesterday, but it got extended into May! Then, while we were Vegas, I received an e-mail asking if I would be interested in staying on till March 2020! YES! 2020! I actually jumped up and down because I was secretly hoping this would happen!

  • Softball season is just around the corner! Between coaching, and playing when I can, I will most likely be on the diamond 7 days a week! Sorry friends! See you in the fall!

Walk. Drink. Eat. Repeat.

Okay, but for real, if you have ever been to Vegas, you know what I am talking about.

All jokes aside, we were accompanied by great company and we did do a lot more than just eat, drink and walk... like lose all of our money! Okay, I swear, I am done joking, I think.

We flew out the morning of St. Patrick’s Day and as soon as we landed, we dropped our bags off and head right to Beer Park! It had great food, even better drinks, and it over looked the Bellagio Fountains! What more could you ask for!? From here, we made our way back to our hotel (Park MGM), to get ready for the Oilers game! Now, the outcome was not what we wanted, but the atmosphere in that building is like no other! They really do put on a show.

We spent majority of the second day at the pool; literally all day! The sun was shining and the drinks were flowing! We then made our way to The Venetian for dinner, Buddy V's Ristorante, which I would highly recommend! We also got to watch the volcano erupt at the Mirage, which I have never seen before! Again, highly recommended!

The third day, we rented a car and made the short trek to the Red Rock Canyon! Though, we didn’t do any hikes (there are SO many to choose from), we did get out of the car to adventure around among the rocks! I definitely want to go back and check out some of the hikes the area has to offer!

On the fourth day, we had front row seats to Kà, a Cirque du Soleil show! This is not something Bradley and I would have done if we were alone, so I am glad Candace and Dale asked us to join them! The entire show, I was in complete awe - from the detailed costumes to crazy set changes, it was pure entertainment.

On our final day, we made our way to the Cosmopolitan to find the “secret” pizza joint! I can’t say it was the best pizza I have had in my life, but I would give it a solid top 3! If you are in Vegas, you have to check it out!

Our trip was filled with lots of memories, many of those not listed above! Thank you to each and everyone of you that we spent time with! I will continue to be grateful that I get to travel and experience things with people that mean so much to me, and to Bradley. Until next time.

XOX Amber Holly

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