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Until Next Time Texas

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Well, it’s been exactly 3 weeks since I returned from Texas… it’s about time I got my shit together to write about it!

First things first, my time spent in Texas was perfect, despite the subpar weather! I got to spend an entire week with two people who mean the world to me - I honestly don’t know where I would be without them! They continue to teach me who I want to be, what I deserve, and most important, to never stop having fun.

Now, for the fun stuff… the highlights of my trip:

Dr. Pepper Museum

This may not be exciting to you as it was to me, but this museum solidified my love for Dr. Pepper! Did you know that W.W. Clements, also known as “Foots”, started as a delivery truck driver for the company and rose to become chairman!? How freaking cool is that!

Magnolia Market ( at the Silos)

So, I don’t watch TV, but if I did, I would for sure put “Fixer Upper" on my list! Magnolia was beautiful - from the store to the the garden, I could have easily spent hours taking it all in if we had time! On top of that, the bakery was to die for!

Fort Worth Stockyards

Where do I start… the stockyards are hands down my favourite thing in Texas… heck, they might be my favourite place EVER! As I walked up and down the streets, beer (well cider) in hand, I couldn’t help but take in the historic buildings, the southern accents and the cobblestone roads! I am telling you this right now, if you are anywhere in Texas, check them out - it’s worth the drive!

Joe Nichols @ Billy Bob’s Texas

First of all, Billy Bob’s is the world’s largest honky tonk and this is no understatement! They say everything is bigger in Texas and I am telling you right now that is nothing but the truth! Now, back to Joe Nichols! The concert was great - he played all his oldies that I forgot existed and he definetly had the crowd singing along! The venue itself was tight, and Lorraine and Neil had a pillar obstructing their view - but get this… their thoughts “ it’s okay Amber, we’re here for you”! GET ME THE TISSUE BOX PEOPLE!

Okay, that’s all for all, but I could seriously write an entire novel on everything else that we need! Actually, one last thing; I am so grateful that I got to spend time with my cousins in our down time - I don’t see them very often so I definitely cherish the time I do get with them!

Until next time Texas.


Amber Holly

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