• Amber Holly

Perspective is Everything.

Okay, so here it is… I have had a pretty shitty couple weeks!

I have a constant knot in my stomach, and on & off headaches – now, the smoke is most definitely a contribution factor, but my anxiety/stress has been at an all time high (sorry Bradley)!

I could probably write a novel, or ten, about everything that has been going on, but this isn’t the time or place for that. So now you’re probably thinking, Amber, why the hell would you tell us this if you aren’t going to tell us what is going on!?

Well, the truth is, no matter what I am going through, people around me, if I know them or not, are most likely going through something too! The past couple days, I have heard multiple stories that instantly broke my heart, and suddenly, my problems seemed so minuscule. Now, that doesn’t mean that my problems aren’t problems, but it definitely put things into perspective – although I have had a rough couple weeks, I have so much in my life to be grateful for!

That being said, I have decided to put together a list of things that I am looking forward too:

  • Sam Smith

  • Keith Urban

  • My Fundraiser

  • Arizona

  • Justin Timberlake

  • Christmas

  • Vegas

  • And so, so, so much more <3

I will leave you with this – we are all allowed to have a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, a bad year, but in reality, someone, somewhere, is probably going through something ten times worse.

My homework for you - put together your own list of things to be excited about, and whenever you start to have a bad day, use it to remind yourself that everything is going to be okay <3


Amber Holly

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