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It's Been a Hot Minute...

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written, but life has been nothing but chaos lately - and yes, I will always use that as an excuse for not writing!

My last post was back in June, and as you can imagine, I have a TON of updates! Some good. Some bad. And some that you probably don’t give a shit about - but I don’t care!

That being said, I don’t want this to be 289423947 words, so cliff notes it is! ⬇️

  • WE GOT MARRIED! Let me tell you, planning a wedding is stressful enough, now add a fucking pandemic! After changing our plans what seemed like 16 times, we finally made the decision to go ahead with a “small” wedding! New venue. New vendors. New guest list. Though it wasn’t the day we had originally planned, we are so grateful that our close friends and family were able to be present for our big day! We had planned to have a larger reception this summer, but with how the numbers are going, we have made the decision to cancel! 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY ANYONE? 🎉

  • WE BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOUSE TOGETHER! We got possession back in October, and it's slowly feeling like home! We can’t wait to have our friends and family over this summer for deck beers and bonfires! AND, we just started finishing the basement! I can’t wait to share before + after pictures! ALSO, we decided to keep the condo as a rental property! I don't feel old, or responsible enough to be a landlord! 😂

  • Days before Christmas, Aunty Lorraine passed away with Covid! Though her stay at the Norwood was much longer than anyone expected, I would be lying if I said I wasn't frustrated with how things ended - she didn't deserve to go that way. That being said, I am and will always be forever grateful that I was able to go and say goodbye given the circumstances. I am also forever grateful for all the love and support Bradley and I received during the days + weeks following!

  • Not long after (on January 31st) , our family gathered back at the Norwood to say goodbye to Uncle Bill! Again, I can’t even express how grateful our family is that we were able to get into the hospital to say our last words! It breaks my heart that we lost two beautiful souls so close together, and that our families are still unable to celebrate their lives as they would have liked! My fingers (and toes) are crossed that this can happen later this year.

  • I tested positive for Covid on Boxing Day! I haven’t shared much about this (the judgment is real people), but I didn’t feel like explaining where, and how I got it while in the middle of grieving the loss of a loved one! That being said, THE STIGMA AROUND COVID NEEDS TO END! We followed all the rules + restrictions at the time, and still got it. I am thankful that my symptoms were pretty mild (headache + back pain), but to be honest, I am still scared of the unknown impacts it could have in years to come! It also took a week for Brad to show symptoms and test positive, which is actually super scary! I won’t share his story as it's his, but again, we are grateful that we were both able to recovery at home and are back to our usual OUT OF SHAPE selves.

Well, those are our big (and deep), updates! On a lighter note, the pandemic forced us to spend more time together; golfing, boating, walking, playing spikeball, snowboarding, and much more! This may sound crazy, but I can't wait for summer 2021!

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope to write again soon.


Amber Holly

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