• Amber Holly

Hey Sun, Where Are You?

This weather sucks. Like really sucks. All I want to do is curl up with junk food and a blanket and watch movies all day. But I can’t. Because work. Because money. So instead, I’ll just talk about what I wish I was watching!

First up, my favourite movie, Stand By Me! I remember watching this movie in English class, and I instantly fell in love! It’s dark, yet filled with humour!

The movie is jam packed with life lessons, but to me, one thing stands out; no matter how different this young group of boys is, they have each others backs! Throughout the movie, they face multiple tough situations and no matter what, they are there for each other!

Which brings me to second favourite movie, Finding Nemo! Now you may be thinking, Amber, those are two completely different movies, and you aren’t wrong! But they do have one thing in common… throughout the entire movie, friendships are formed and each character (I feel weird calling animals characters) is always there for one another!

Now, for my number three, Mean Girls! Can you believe it!? It has to do with friendship! I was in junior high when this movie came out, and I still can’t decide if this was a good, or bad thing! Bullying is real. Gossip is real. It kills me to say, but I have been on both sides! Have I ever been bullied? Absolutely! Did I ever start a rumour? Absolutely! You can’t sit here and tell me that you have never said anything behind someones back, regardless if you meant to hurt them or not! Mean Girls is a raw, and honest film that highlights these issues that happen multiple times a day in our society.


Okay, writing this was a bad idea! Now I really want to curl up with junk food and a blanket and watch movies all day! Let's all pray for sunnier days! ☀️


Amber Holly

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