• Amber Holly

Happy Almost Love Day

Hey Y'all! I am working on a new post, but TBH, it's hard to write! So much has happened since I wrote last, and I don't know what/what not to share! But I promise it's coming!

Until then, I thought I would have some fun and partake in the #ValentinesDayChallenge circulating around on social media! Side note, I AM OBSESSED WITH MY HUSBAND!

Our Story:

  • How’d you guys meet? Through Tyler, at the soccer centre!

  • First date: My Condo 😂 (Also, does using this emoji make me old?)

  • Age difference: 483 Days

  • Who was interested first: Me... years before we even started talking!

  • Who is taller? Bradley

  • Who said I love you first? Bradley

  • Most impatient: Me

  • Most sensitive: HAHA! Me.

  • Loudest: Me

  • Most stubborn: My way, or the highway! (Working on this)

  • Falls asleep first: Depends

  • Cooks better: Skip The Dishes

  • Better morning person: Umm, neither of us? Haha.

  • Better driver: Probably him...

  • Funniest: Me

  • Where do you eat out most? Canadian Brewhouse

  • Who is more social? Me

  • Who is the neat freak? We are both messy.

  • Who initiated your first kiss? Totally Bradley.

  • Do you get flowers often? Yes, but I buy them myself! #TreatYoSelf

  • How long did it take to get serious? Not long after the first date.

  • Most recent date? Tuesday! But we are headed to the mountains after work today!

  • Who picks where you go to dinner? Both of us are pretty good at making a decision.

  • Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Not me!

  • Who wears the pants in the relationship? 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Who has more tattoos? Me! Just got two more last week!

  • Who sings better? Is this a trick question?

  • Hogs the remote? Bradley

  • Spends the most? HAHAHAHAHA! Me.

  • Did you go to the same school? We actually went to NAIT at the same time, but didn't talk to each other then.

  • Where is the furthest you two have traveled together? Arizona

  • Who drives when you are together? Mostly Bradley.

Well that was fun! Feel free to copy + paste, and share your answers with me in the comments, or with your own friends and family on your own social platforms!

Until next time,

XOX Amber Holly

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