• Amber Holly

26 Things I am Grateful For

  1. You - thank you for reading this post.

  2. Airplanes - thank you for allowing me to adventure.

  3. Bradley - thank you for showing me what love is.

  4. Megan - thank you for teaching me what true friendship is.

  5. Messy Buns - thank you for being my signature hairdo.

  6. Rent-A-Parents - thank you for your continuous support.

  7. Della - thank you for always being a phone call away.

  8. Kimberly - thank you for always making me laugh (& your surprise visits).

  9. Dale - thank you for always pushing me to do better.

  10. Nikole - thank you for never giving up on me.

  11. Gilroyed Family - thank you for treating me like family.

  12. NAIT - thank you for teaching me who I want to be (& giving me Megan).

  13. Josh - thank you for proposing to Meg so I can stand beside her on your wedding day.

  14. Brandy - thank you for giving me the four cutest nuggets.

  15. Candace - thank you for showing me what I deserve (& inviting me to everything).

  16. High Park Softball - thank you for giving me the opportunity to coach.

  17. Pixel Army - thank you for being the best employer one could ask for.

  18. Twitter - thank you for being weird (& for @BradMyersSmash).

  19. My Condo - thank you for showing me what success looks like.

  20. Pelechaty Family - thank you for everything you continue to do for me.

  21. FaceTime - thank you for giving me the ability to see the faces I miss.

  22. Sports - thank you for teaching me that I am out of shape (& for the people I have met)

  23. My Past - thank you for teaching me to never settle.

  24. Tacos - thank you for making my stomach happy.

  25. Professional Network - thank you for encouraging me to never stop learning.

  26. Baba - thank you for making me the women I am today.


Amber Holly


This list is not in any specific order.

Also, if you don't know why I picked the number 26, get your shit together.

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